Healthy eating is especially important for Seniors. Like others, their diet should include plenty of

fresh foods and vegetables, but good nutrition is often neglected because of the difficulty of

preparing the food or lack of interest in eating. Good food choices can also be a tasty source of

hydration, so critical for seniors.

In this special program sponsored by Specialty Home Care in Hershey, personal chef Linda

Wittig will share some helpful and creative ideas for assuring a healthy diet for seniors.

You will learn about the importance of eating fresh foods including fruit and vegetables and how

easy it can be with the availability of pre-sliced choices.

She will show you how ice pops, lemon water, jello, fruits and other items can help you stay


You will see how beans, fruit and other options can provide the fiber which is so necessary in a

balanced diet for seniors and reduce the need for fiber drinks and supplements.

Linda will explain how your diet can have the variety which makes it interesting, but stay with a

schedule, and how to use snacks and smaller meals to assure sufficient nutrition.

Learn some tricks to reduce time in the kitchen by preparing and storing meals in smaller

quantities to freeze.

And, you will get to experience a special bean salad and Linda’s easy to prepare smoothies to

brighten your day!

Linda Wittig is a Personal Chef who started her business in 1990 while living in New York City.

Her clients included business men and women who were too busy to cook for themselves,

families who wanted to eat well but didn’t know how to include preparation in their busy

schedules, and people with special dietary needs. Having grown up in Palmyra, Linda moved

back to the Hershey area last year. Her clients now include physicians from HMC and friends

from high school. Her focus is to provide the best quality food available served to meet the

client’s needs, whether a special diet, a busy lifestyle, or a small event with gourmet quality

fresh food prepared in your own kitchen.